Old punk rock blears through beer soaked, nicotine stained, NASSA grade com sytstems.

Punks in Space is a comic book series that began its life as a number of free single sheet comics that were left in various shops and leaflet stands around Manchester. These were eventualy compiled into a comic book of sorts. Half finished drawings, incomprehensible plot and spelling mistakes galore this first incarnation had very little going for it, however it gave just a few people a taste for more punk related space adventure, which was all the motivation I needed!

So the second incarnation of Punks in Space was coaxed into existance. Six hand crafted comics documenting the thrilling adventures of our crusty punks Stu, Twig, Tracy, the mysterious Mary Peril and their commandeered NASSA era (near mit condition)space shuttle.

Each comic was drawn, inked, stapled and folded by me with centre page illustrations by various other Manchester based artists and a special miniseries , Disco Walrus and the Magic Singing Pie of Death, running parallel to the main story arc written and illustrated by the skilled hand of Gavin Sodo. The plot is still far from sensible, the spelling and grammar is still questionable but at least the drawing s got a bit better!

Punks in Space has won awards in NOISEfestival, been praised in numerous reviews and sold in shops, art venues, festivals and pubs!



copyright Harry Shotton